Siphiwe Fokazi

Siphiwe Fokazi
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Siphiwe Fokazi

Siphiwe Fokazi is a talented artist who has faced financial constraints in pursuing his passion for art. He originally hails from Kwa Thema but moved to Tshwane in 2004 to pursue a qualification in Public Finance and Accounting. After completing his studies, he returned home in 2009 and began working in the banking sector. During his years in the banking sector, Siphiwe managed to obtain qualifications in Banking, Forensic, and Leadership. He only pursued his art occasionally during this time, specializing in acrylic painting and drawing.

In February 2016, Siphiwe left his job in the banking sector to focus on his art full-time. Unfortunately, this did not yield any financial success, and he was forced to return to the working field to support his family and his artistic endeavors. Siphiwe's artistic talent has been largely self-taught, with limited experimentation and exchange of ideas with other artists from his local township. In 2016, he entered the Thami Mnyele Competition at Springs Art Gallery, where he received his first art critic. Although he did not make it onto the shortlist, he kept in touch with the gallery for his art development and more criticism.

Due to financial constraints, Siphiwe experimented with paper, boards, and wood assemblages to keep his creativity going. His only source of practical learning was through tutorial videos. Despite the challenges he faced, Siphiwe continued to pursue his passion for art. He remains committed to developing his artistic skills and learning new techniques.

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