Quinton Lehnert

Quinton Lehnert
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Quinton Lehnert

Meet Quinton Lehnert, a dynamic Bachelor of Fine Art graduate hailing from the University of the Free State, now making waves as a full-time visual artist in vibrant Johannesburg, South Africa. Quinton's artistic journey transcends mere commissions; he crafts original masterpieces destined for prestigious competitions and art exhibitions, leaving an indelible mark in the world of contemporary art.

His portfolio boasts an impressive array of group exhibitions, spanning continents and cultures. From the Johannes Stegman Art Gallery in Bloemfontein to the Jan Rupert Art Centre in Graaff-Reinet, his work has graced diverse venues, including international spaces like the Espaço Caramujo exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal, and The Berlin Art Space in Madrid, Spain.

Quinton's artistry has found a permanent home in the African ArtBank's prestigious collection, a testament to his artistic prowess. He's also garnered recognition on the global stage, with three of his artworks featured in the esteemed "One Hour With The Model" catalogue, published by Igor Yermakov in Ukraine.

Driven by an insatiable ambition, Quinton has taken up the mantle of leadership as the acting president of the international art collective, Apollo Queer Art, comprising talents from seven different countries. His exploration of various mediums, from oil and digital painting to charcoal and digital drawing, printmaking, and photography, serves as a captivating reflection of his emotions, experiences, and journey of self-discovery.

Quinton's art speaks boldly of his sexuality, challenges societal norms, and delves into the complexities of psychology. With an unwavering dedication to his craft since childhood, he has honed his talent, transforming it into a profound expression of his passion and purpose. Quinton's distinctive style marries emotional depth with hyperrealism, taking viewers on a vivid journey through monochromatic charcoal drawings, vibrant oil paintings, and evocative digital creations.

For art collectors seeking a glimpse into the extraordinary and the expressive, Quinton Lehnert's work promises not only visual delight but a profound connection to the artist's inner world.

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